Hello! My name is Abbie, better known on social media as Blogibabe! Welcome to my world on the web! This site is mainly a blog, but also a connection to all things Blogibabe! Interested in fitness? Looking to become a POP Pilates Instructor? Curious to try PIIT28 or the 28 Day Reset? Click on the links in the menu! I want to share my experiences with you while encouraging you to be the happiest and healthiest version of yourself!

Here are a few things about me/my site for you to better get to know me and give you a little inspiration!

 What made me so passionate about fitness?

About three and a half years ago, I found Blogilates. I was in search of a fun workout routine to get me in shape. To be honest, I didn’t even think one existed…until I came across Cassey. Her videos were fun, free, and best of all, EFFECTIVE. I started not only noticing a change in my body, but in my mind. I was inspired for the first time, motivated for the first time, and HAPPY for the first time, in years. I’ve been hooked ever since and once you become a member of the POPster community, you’ll never want to leave. The love, support, and amount of passion is contagious. It’s totally changed my life.

What is PIIT28 and the 28 Day Reset?

I asked myself the same thing when Cassey came out with it. PIIT stands for Pilates Intense Interval Training! It is a 28 day workout program that combines POP Pilates moves with HIIT workout moves into a 28 min and 40 sec daily workout! Sounds insane right!? That’s because it is! Cassey wanted to come up with something intense, quick, and effective for all of us who want to go hard but have little time to do so! It’s basically a workout that gives you NO EXCUSES! She also created a meal plan to pair with PIIT called the 28 Day Reset. It is designed to reset and refuel your body by eliminating foods that may be causing inflammation, bloating, and other harsh bodily reactions. For 28 days you resort to eating whole natural foods to help detox and slim the body. Combined, they are an equation for success!

Why did you decide to become a POP Pilates Instructor?

  Really what made me decide to become an instructor was this community. I wanted to be a part of spreading the POP Pilates magic! The POPsters share such a special bond between us that is unlike any other. We build each other up instead of competing with one another. We strive to be happy rather than skinny. We accept everyone no matter what size they are. We encourage, inspire, uplift, and support one another. We create a safe, positive, and fun enviornment for fitness that I have not found anywhere else, and I want everyone to experience fitness like that. Which is why I want to bring POP Pilates to any and every gym possible! Helping people have fun with fitness and love their bodies is the true reason.

Why do I blog?

My blog is mainly fitness focused, but also dips into my personal thoughts about life, society, and myself. I am very passionate about sharing my opinions with you! I love writing because unlike conversation, I feel less compelled to say what people want to hear and more compelled to say what I truly feel! When I blog, I feel like one of the most authentic parts of me comes alive. It’s complete and total freedom, and I believe we all could benefit from not only writing more blogs ourselves, but reading them too! We learn more about the world by listening to what others have to say about it, and I believe that often, our best listening is done through reading. With an open mind and a passionate heart, we can learn and grow a lot from each other! I hope you enjoy what I have to say! Happy reading!