Hi readers!

Do you want to know something that bothers me? When people apologize for being absent from social media for an extended period of time. Ooh! Or when people make a formal announcement that they need to take a break from social media. If this is you, trust me, I don’t mean to offend you. It is just my personal opinion that those actions are in fact: Silly!

Wondering why I feel this way? I’ll tell you!

Regardless of whether you consider yourself a social media “influencer”, you have every right to hide from the world every once in a while or…I dunno, live life in real time? Forget the followers, forget the obligation you feel so strongly towards them, and remember yourself and what YOU need. Spending your entire life doing it for the gram is no way to truly live. Give yourself a break if you need it, but don’t feel like you owe anyone an announcement or an apology!

Now that I’ve shared those feelings with you let’s get down to business… #GIRLBOSS business!

Obviously I brought up the social media absence topic because I myself have been somewhat absent from social media for the past six months or so.

So now that I’m back I have a lot I want to share with you!

For the past six months I have been hyper focused on nourishing my business. You may have heard me mention it before? Shop Abbie Shoes! I hand paint canvas shoes with any design the customer desires. They are hand painted, custom designed, and all your own! It is a fun little talent I discovered two years ago and I’m excited to be sharing it with so many people now!

What began as a side business among family and friends transformed into an Etsy store and is now becoming even more of a big deal because we are launching our own website and we went to our first public event as a business! Eek!

I’ve spent the past few months preparing for MegaCon Orlando! If you’ve never been to a convention like that one it’s basically a giant four day event where exhibitors of all kinds set up booths selling art, collectibles, and unique creations pertaining to all kinds of fandoms! I’m talking Anime, Comics, Film, Television, etc. Fans from all over attend the convention dressed as their favorite characters. They come to shop, to meet celebrities, and experience the unity of nerd-ism! It’s fabulous.

Well, we took Shop Abbie Shoes to MegaCon to sell shoes at a booth in Artist Alley! So to prepare I was painting sample after sample and putting together a design book/portfolio of my previous work for customers to look at. Painting one pair of shoes can take anywhere from 2-10 hours, so as you can imagine I had my work cut out for me. I was not only preparing for the con, but keeping up with my day job while I was at it.

My #GIRLBOSS powers were pumpin!

Starting your own business is just as hard as people (at least the honest ones) tell you. We often see the sugar coated summary of how someone went from this to that, rags to riches, average to successful, etc. So I wanted to share the nitty gritty side before I ever make it (which I have confidence in myself that I will).

I’m going to be totally real with you… there were many tearful nights and stressful days. There were moments I thought that what I was trying to accomplish was completely ridiculous and that no one was going to care about such a silly product. There were times I thought I would never get my sample shoes done in time because I was so exhausted from my regular job. There were weeks on end when I never truly had a day off because I would work my day job, come home to paint, go to bed, and get up the next day only to repeat the process. My two regular days off became catch-up days. I was completely swamped in to-do lists and projects.

However, there were also moments of butterflies and excitement when I couldn’t believe it was happening. There were painting sessions when I swear the love I had for what I was doing could be seen coming off the tip of the paint brush and onto my artwork. When I looked at the shelves of my display and saw a complete collection of painted shoes just waiting to be shown to the world and could take a huge weight off because all my hard work was finally counting for something…those are the kind of moments that will outshine the stress of it all.

I remember last year when the idea was first mentioned…

My brother told me he wanted to invest in Shop Abbie Shoes and told me we should take the shoes to a convention.

I remember thinking how good it all sounded, but would probably never happen…

I am so glad I didn’t let myself be right.

The mind plays a huge role in what happens in your life. You can tell yourself you can’t or you can tell yourself you can. Either way, you are right, because you decide.

After changing my mind, I have a whole other vision for my life and new goals that I can’t wait to achieve. I want to continue to grow my business and next I want to buy a bus, convert it to a traveling home, and paint shoes as I travel the United States! How fun would that be??

As I told my mom, I don’t want to keep watching others do it and dream about doing it myself, I want to take action and actually do it. I want to take control of my life and turn what I thought to be my wildest dreams into an even wilder reality.

I have never been the girl you sit down at a desk and tell her what she needs to know and what she needs to do, I’m the one who figures it out for herself and creates it for herself.

Every woman has an inner #GIRLBOSS. How you choose to use your powers is all up to you.

Create a life for yourself that you love, and you will find that you won’t feel obligated to apologize for living it.

Good to be back.





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