2018 // What is your purpose?

Happy 2018!!

It’s a new year and that means new adventures, new experiences, and new opportunities! What are your goals and dreams for the new year?

Today I want to take a moment to reflect on “purpose”.

Do you ever wonder why you do what you do?

What is the motivation behind your actions? What feelings give spark to your passions? What drives you to work towards your goals?

Sometimes I get lost in the wonder of it all. I fall down by comparing myself to others and the achievements of others. In fact, that happened today. I found myself scrolling through my usual social media platforms feeling inadequate and less-than.

I often feel this way because of my skill set, or my “experience”. I feel inadequate because I lack the same knowledge and background as another. I also often feel this way because of numbers. I feel less-than because I don’t have as many followers, subscribers, likes, or views as the next person.

I get so caught up in what I don’t have that I forget about all the things I do have.

Today I had to stop myself and ask ‘What is my purpose?’ because I felt as if I’m not doing well enough for myself. It made me uncomfortable for a moment to access that honesty and answer according to my goals and my work, but I did it. It was then that I realized I had no reason to envy. I had no reason to feel so down about it.

First, I thought about and listed out what “I do”.

I am a POPster. I am enthusiastic about POP Pilates and have been for nearly five years now. I am a POP Pilates instructor. I teach a fitness format that is focused on fun, strength, and self-love. I am a Blogger. I write for self therapy and to hopefully relate to others. I am a YouTuber. I make videos about the things I love and the things I want to help others with.

Next, I thought about my “goals” in doing what I do.

My goal is not to gain numbers. My goal is not to be better than everyone else. My goal is not to have all the answers.

My goal as a fitness and lifestyle profile on Instagram and YouTube is to spread happiness and knowledge based off of my personal experiences. MY personal experiences.

Then, I thought about the “why” in what I do.

When I make YouTube videos, I’m doing it because I think it’s fun. I choose topics that I enjoy discussing. I use my personal life experience behind my content in hopes of helping someone else that may be going through the same thing as I once did. I may not have professional fitness, nutrition, or beauty experience, but I have LIFE experience and that is something EVERYONE can relate to. It doesn’t matter if they have five views or five-hundred views. They don’t have to conform to one category, because my life is a mixture of categories!

When I write blog posts, I’m doing it as self-therapy, but also as a way of relating to others. I love to write. It’s relaxing and it helps me feel connected with others. By writing about topics I’m passionate about or even ones I’m self-conscious about, I am relating to and connecting with others with similar interests. It is helpful for myself, and hopefully for my readers too.

When I post on Instagram I don’t post pictures with no purpose to get likes, I post pictures about my life and about what I am passionate about, which happens to be health, fitness, & lifestyle! I don’t use my body for attention. I don’t have an agenda that I push on you. I don’t try to be anyone else or one up anyone else. I post content to share my life with you and to help motivate you.

My purpose is to have fun, be healthy, and help others!

That’s why I do what I do.

If you ever find yourself becoming distracted by those around you, turn off the world and spend some time with yourself. You know your purpose, you just have to focus every once in a while to rediscover it. Don’t get lost in the crowd of confusion and comparison.




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