Getting Back on Track: Making the Decision

Hey readers!! I’m writing to you today while I wait for my almond milk oats to cook on the stove. I’m very excited about my breakfast this morning! I’m going to top my oats with freeze dried peaches, cinnamon, and maybe a sprinkle of crushed almonds? I haven’t decided yet. Either way I know it is going to be absolutely delicious!! Not only that, I know it is going to make my body feel so good!

Today more than ever my body needs some feel good remedies because I’m home sick with the flu. One thing I’ve probably never told you is how bad I am at being sick. I mean I’m absolutely AWFUL at it. I am a work-a-holic and I don’t like anything keeping me down. Usually when I’m sick I have this strange urge to clean the house. I’ll stay home, but not in bed. It’s terrible.

This time around however, I finally gave in, because this time is different. I have been working so hard for so long that I think I made myself sick. No, I know I did.

This is where I’ll be honest with you. I have been way off track for way long. I can count the amount of workouts I’ve done in the past two months on one hand. I’m rarely found in the kitchen anymore. Instead I’m driving through fast food windows and letting others do the cooking for me.

It started with one decision not to work out, not to cook, not to take a day off and then snowballed into this terrible unhealthy lifestyle I’ve been living for the past couple months. I’ve let myself go and made up excuses not to get back to where I’ve been. What’s worse is my passion and motivation for what I love has suffered just as much as my health. My body and my creativity are suffering, and it’s been going on for far too long.

So how do I get back on track? If you find yourself in the same situation, how do you get back on track? Well…you make a decision.

Every decision you make adds up to create your lifestyle.

Do you stay in bed until noon or get up and start your day? Do you make breakfast or grab a snack from the pantry? Do you exercise or watch tv? Do you work an extra day this week or take a day off and have fun with friends?

You decide.

Today, I woke up after a long nights sleep, took a shower and made a healthy breakfast. I started working on this blog post which gives me so much joy to write. These small and simple decisions impact my day in a BIG way. Had I stayed in bed until noon and eaten whatever I could find for breakfast I would have continued living the lazy life I’ve been stuck in for so long.

My point being, I made a decision to change.

That’s all it takes to begin living the life you want to live. It won’t be easy to keep up with. You will have to learn patience and perseverance. You will have to work at it every single day, but if you are looking for a way to begin, look to yourself. Make your mind up and decide.

We all go through phases and ruts. We all miss a workout, eat a fast food meal, and work more than we play. What’s most important is knowing when enough is enough. Too much of anything is bad. Find your balance. Eat your greens and eat your fries. Do your squats and lay in bed. Work your job and have your fun.

It took me getting sick to realize that unhealthy habits weren’t working for me, but I’m thankful for my body giving me that slap in the face I needed to get back on track.

It’s definitely easier to live a lazy lifestyle, but health is my happiness and I’m writing this blog as a reminder to myself, and as an encouragement to you! Getting back on track is as simple as making one healthy decision.







  1. YES to all of this! I will say the biggest change I made in fitness was buying a studio membership. When you put money into your fitness goals and you register for your classes, you just don’t miss them. Period. Because then you’re throwing money away. As much as free/at-home workouts appeal to a lot of people, they just don’t cut it for me and I have a feeling they don’t for you as well. Also major protip, pick morning workouts. You will hate them but learn to appreciate your extra morning time!!!


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