This is How We Roll


Stomach Rolls.

We try to keep them the best kept secret, but why? Everyone has them. Regardless of whether someone is obese, overweight, curvy, slim, muscular, or skinny…we ALL have stomach rolls.

So what’s the big deal?

If you haven’t noticed, it’s a hot topic these days. I think people are finally realizing that they are NORMAL. Girls are posting flexed vs. relaxed selfies on Instagram, more women regardless of size are wearing bikinis, and self love is now trending.

Bout damn time.

For this blog post, I asked three other POPsters to join me on the topic. I noticed them because they fearlessly posted pictures on Instagram, stomach rolls and all! For that, I look up to them and thank them. It put my mind at ease to see other girls, of various body types and sizes, to also have stomach rolls like me.

For the post, I interviewed each of them Seventeen Magazine style. All questions are anonymously answered because I want them to apply to everyone without comparison.

Get ready. There’s a lot. We’re answering #ALLthequestions.

XOXO Blogibabe

Who do you think has stomach rolls?

Everyone. You can literally look around at anyone and find them, no matter their body type.

Do you have stomach rolls? 

Yes, when I bend over, twist my torso or wear certain clothes (like tighter jeans) my stomach and skin will roll or fold over!

How do you feel about your stomach rolls?

To be completely honest, I used to hate them. I used to think that my stomach defined my worth and that having rolls meant I was a failure and that I wasn’t fit or good enough. Why did I feel this way? Because I was obsessed with the diet culture and looking at “fitspos” – women with the “perfect” body. A flat stomach and a big booty. But today my mindset has changed I have learned that stomach rolls are SKIN. Hey maybe there’s a little fat there – it’s all good! Fat is part of a healthy body too. And you know what? Without the added weight around my midsection, I wouldn’t be able to lift as heavy as I can or do things I am proud of. My stomach rolls are beautiful.

Are you insecure or confident in your stomach rolls?

I’d say I’m in between. I don’t mind showing off my stomach rolls but I do feel more at ease when I’m wearing a shirt that actually covers my stomach.

Do you have stomach rolls when you sit down?

Yup! I sure do. Actually, I tend to get a faint red line across my stomach from were the skin folds. Sometimes I’m bloated and sometimes I’m not but either way those little rolls are there. They tend to show the most when my posture isn’t good (as in I’m slouching) so it’s a good reminder to sit up tall to have good posture.

What is the first word you think of when you hear the word stomach rolls?

Fat. To be completely honest. I associate stomach rolls with being overweight. SO many of us do. I think it’s kind of a new thing that we are now seeing them for what they truly are: Normal and part of the human body.

How would you define stomach rolls?

Skin. Normal. Beautiful. Human. Nothing to be ashamed of.

Do you think stomach rolls are unhealthy?

That’s a tricky question. Obviously any part of the body can be considered “unhealthy” if someone is overweight or obese, but that doesn’t make the body part itself unhealthy…the body part is normal, it’s the content that’s unhealthy.

Do you think stomach rolls are normal?

Absolutely! Our skin is meant to stretch and move. What happens when things stretch and move? They often overlap. It’s completely normal. Even the thinnest of people will notice their skin folding over when they move certain ways.

Do your stomach rolls ever keep you from wearing an outfit or a swimsuit?

I feel like sometimes it does. I’ve always felt more “myself” when wearing one piece swimsuits  than bikinis. Part of it, I think, is because I was raised into dressing in a more conservative style. Since I grew up wearing one-piece swimsuits and not very “revealing” clothes, I never really felt the need to wear a bikini. When I’ve worn bikinis I feel uncomfortable but I wouldn’t completely say it’s because of my stomach rolls, I’m just simply not used to wearing bikinis. I have worn crop tops lately and have been feeling a lot better and comfortable in my own skin. I guess it just takes time but I’m slowly starting to love my body enough to feel comfortable in what ever clothes I choose to wear. Regardless, I think both bikinis and one-piece swimsuits look great!

Have you ever cried because of your stomach rolls?

I can’t remember a specific occasion, but I’m sure I have. It can be frustrating to have an image in your head of what you want to look like, then look in the mirror and not have those images line up. Especially when trying on new clothes or dressing up for a special occasion it’s difficult not to put pressure on yourself to look a certain way. I know that I have been upset at times that an outfit I loved didn’t flatter me or fit me the way I hoped. And I’ve compared myself negatively to my friends or peers. But we have to try to remind ourselves that we are each a unique work of art! We are all beautiful in our own way and there is no comparison!

Have you ever skipped a meal because of your stomach rolls?

I can’t say that I have skipped an entire meal, but back in my deep eating disorder days, I have heavily restricted calories to the point where I was not fueling my body enough because I thought that was the answer to having a strong, toned tummy. Boy, was I wrong! But again, how did I get that message? Through social media.

If you could see your stomach rolls in a picture, would you post it to Instagram?

That depends on the photo and on how I feel that day! Some days I’m feeling awesome and couldn’t care less if my tummy looks poochy or is rolling in a photo. If I feel good and strong, I will post it. Other days, unfortunately I find myself being more shallow and afraid people will judge me or just feel crappy that I don’t look like that teeny-tiny insta model with the perfect everything. But again, it goes back to remembering how unique each and every one of us are. We should embrace our differences AND our “flaws” that often times aren’t flaws at all!

Do you ever search for exercises to “get rid of” stomach rolls?

No, I’ve actually always hated doing ab workouts. My preferred workout would always be for legs and/or arms. But recently I have been starting to enjoy doing ab workouts. Why? Because I feel myself getting stronger! Like I can actually do full on double leg lifts now. And I wouldn’t have those strong abs if not for the stomach rolls. It’s part of having muscle there. Take for example your feet, when you point your foot the back of your ankle gets all these “mini rolls” but when you flex your foot those “mini rolls” are gone. But there’s nothing wrong with your feet, that’s just simply how our bodies are designed and same goes for our stomach. Be proud of your rolls, they allow you to move!

Does weight lifting eliminate stomach rolls?

If you have skin, if you have a stomach (duh everyone does) then you have some kind of stomach roll or another. But it wasn’t until I started lifting weights that I saw true lean, yet strong definition in my stomach. That doesn’t mean I don’t have rolls, I do. But lifting weights has built the strongest and most defined core I’ve ever had. Nope – cardio all day and restricting food isn’t the answer. Working hard and FUELING your body is.

Has anyone ever made a comment about your stomach rolls?

Not to my face. But I have been around people who made comments about other people’s stomach rolls and ultimately it just made me want to try harder to not judge or speak badly about people. We are all on our own journey. And as Cassey likes to remind us, we don’t have to be friends with those negative influence people! If they can’t be kind and supportive, I don’t want to surround myself with them.

How do you feel when you see other girls with stomach rolls?

When I see other girls with stomach rolls, I feel relieved. I think it’s easy to get into the mindset that we are the only ones with stomach rolls, or cellulite, or thighs that touch, etc. If we look around, all these things are normal and every woman has them! So seeing other girls with rolls who aren’t afraid to show them makes me feel at ease .

Would you say that seeing others embracing their stomach rolls helps you do the same?

Absolutely. I  love the movement that is taking over social media. Seeing other women publicly embracing their bodies both flexed and with rolls is amazing to me!! It reminds me I’m not alone, that stomach rolls are normal, and that social media can be such a scam.

What do you think of all the before and after (flexed and relaxed) stomach roll selfies going around on social media?

I actually love all of those posts because it highlights the reality of our human body. We all get those rolls, we get bloated, we get stretch marks and in our case for girls, we get periods. All these things change the “look” of our bodies but it’s part of the natural way our bodies work.

What advice would you give to another girl with stomach rolls?

Embrace them and love them. Know that just because you see pictures of fitness models or gurus online with flat stomachs doesn’t mean they don’t have rolls. It’s just a flattering picture. And know that stomach rolls don’t define your health or your worth. You can be absolutely healthy and strong with tummy rolls. Fitness is not a look, it’s a feeling. So stop worrying so much about skin, a beautiful part of your body and focus on who you are as a person and what you can do.

So as you can see, we each have stomach rolls, and we each feel self conscious about them from time to time…but stomach rolls are normal, every girl has them, and we shouldn’t let them control our life. Embrace your body for what it is and remember all that it can do for you. Your stomach rolls do not define you, or the girl next to you. Love yourself, love each other, and keep on rolling.

Thank you Stephanie, Janell, and Elise for joining me!

Follow them on Instagram:
@xogingy @janell55 @pop_ellyg



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