Same Outfit, Different Body

When you go shopping, and you spot an outfit you’re interested in, does the way the outfit looks on the model versus how it looks on you either encourage or discourage you from buying it?

When you work out, and you find someone who’s body you admire, do you let their routine dictate what workouts you should or shouldn’t be doing?


In this picture, Stephanie and I are wearing two very similar outfits, yet our bodies are two very different bodies.

Does that mean one of us looks better than the other? No.
Does it mean that one of us is doing the wrong work out? No.
Does it mean that we should go comparing ourselves to one another? Absolutely NOT.

Stephanie and I have different bodies because we have different routines. I do all my workouts at home. My regular workout consists of POP Pilates, and occasionally I like to go hiking or walk in the park. Stephanie does all of her workouts at a gym. She lifts regularly and also teaches POP Pilates several times a week.

We do not do not look the same in an outfit or follow the same workout routine, but guess what? THAT’S OKAY. Our looks and routines are not the same but our overall goal is: To become stronger, healthier, and happier versions of ourselves every day. How we decide to do that is up to us!

POP Pilates works for me because my lifestyle has always been somewhat hectic and working out from home has been the best fit for me. Not only that, but POP Pilates is fun for me! I love mixing and matching different videos from Cassey’s selection on YouTube into the perfect workout for my day!

Lifting weights works for Stephanie and is fun for her!


POP Pilates is not better than lifting weights, and lifting weights is not better than POP Pilates. We make the choice as to which one we prefer to do based on how it makes us feel! What matters when you are choosing a workout routine is, which one makes you happy? Which one do you look forward to each day and truly enjoy? It could be POP Pilates, lifting, swimming, cycling, yoga, basketball, hiking, zumba, the list goes on and on! Do what makes YOU happy, and what makes you look and feel YOUR best.

It’s okay to be different. It’s okay not to look the same as the girl next to you. It’s okay to have a different work out routine. What’s not okay is sacrificing your happiness through comparison.

You don’t have to look like someone else or workout like someone else to be happy.

You also don’t have to look like someone else or workout like someone else to wear these adorable active wear outfits we are wearing from POPFLEX Active!

Both Stephanie and I couldn’t wait to take our own special photo shoot in the new Dark Bloom collection from POPFLEX Active! The rich shades of purple and the feminine floral print were enough to get us hooked on this collection. Add crop tops, booty shorts, and zipper bras to the mix and we were caught in a total fashion frenzy!

POPFLEX is active wear for women of every size and workout routine. It is a clothing line that does not discriminate. It functions for all. Whether you’re curvy, slim, or muscular, and wearing it to the gym, on the mat, up a mountain, or even with your favorite pair of jeans or cowboy boots, it serves it’s purpose with passion and magic.


This clothing line represents the message of this blog. You can take the same outfit, put it on two different girls, and watch them both shine in their own special way. I was prompted to collaborate with Stephanie on this post because Stephanie and I both strongly agreed that more people need to realize that difference is beautiful and celebrate it!

Same outfit, different body.

Rock what you got girl!



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Shop these looks at:


Thank you for reading!


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