#SelfLoveSunday: Lily

Happy Sunday readers!

A week ago today I posted a picture on my Instagram account and gave it the hashtag #SelfLoveSelfieSunday. It was a photo of myself in shorts and a sports bra pinching my stomach rolls because I wanted to join the movement and make a statement. Have you noticed how popular these kinds of photos are becoming!? Girls on social media everywhere are taking “before and after pictures” showing themselves flexed/posed in one picture, and relaxed/candid in the other. I think it’s fabulous!

The women of social media are starting to care more for each other and for themselves, and less for the facade of perfection.

We want to reassure other women and ourselves that our flawless Instagram selfies only tell half the story. Because on social media, you only see what people want you to see. Filters, angles, and poses cover up what’s really there. We may look like a face of porcelin, a body like a rockstar, and a diet of a health nut, but in reality we filtered out the blemishes, posed to catch our best angle, and just had a whole pizza before that salad.

So now we are fighting back against the toxic environment of social media and we are using our best weapon to do it:

Self Love.

     From receiving such positive feedback on my post, and from having such strong passion for this particular movement, I decided I wanted to dedicate one day each week to self love. I chose Sunday because it is the day before the new week starts for everyone, so why not begin each week with self love!?

     Each week I will find a new POPster to share his or her story about self love. It can be anything! A moment they practiced self love, how they came to find self love, tips on practicing self love, or even their goals for self love! I want to involve you, my readers, my POPsters, my social media fam. You all have such wonderful stories to tell and I hope you will join me in sharing them!

     This week I chose my POPster friend Lily. I began to follow Lily during a POP Pilates/Yoga Instagram challenge. I instantly fell in love with her style, her confidence, and the positivity she shared via social media each and every day. She is truly a special lady! Enjoy!



Hey Everyone,

My name is Lily Moose, I live in Orlando Fl and I am a PROUD member of the #PopArmy ! When my pop sister Abbie asked me to share a story to celebrate #SelfLoveSunday here on blogibabe.com I was overjoyed but a little stumped. “Which story should I share?” I thought. My head was spinning with all of the stories I could share. Do I speak about my personal journey with selflove? Which story is the MOST meaningful and MOST impactful?! I couldn’t seem to pick, and THEN something wonderful happened…during a Piit28 session it smacked me in the face…I should share the story that reoccurs over and over in all of our lives.

Through out our lives we experience so many ups and downs, during the hard times its really easy to stop showing yourself love. We’ve all been there, something goes wrong and we instantly blame ourselves, we feel like we’re not good enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough but in reality WE ARE ENOUGH. We are more beautiful than we think, we are unstoppable forces placed on this earth to sparkle and shine. I am the only ME in this world and you are the ONLY you…and that is so special. I know it’s hard to remember how SPECIAL you are sometimes, we all get caught up scrolling through our IG feeds and newfeeds wishing we had that tan, those natural beachy locks or those abs. I’ve been there, you’ve been there…I think it’s safe to safe we have all been there and it really SUCKS. So what do we do? What do we do when a wave of self-loathing tries to sweep us away into an ocean of self hate? When I was going through my ED recovery I needed self love more than ANYTHING…it was one of the worst points in my life but through the struggle I came up with some amazing tips and tricks to remind you to show yourself kindness and love through the rough times. I have continued to use these tricks whenever I feel low and I can honestly say it makes a HUGE difference.

1.) Surprise yourself with love notes: Write positive affirmations in bunches on to sticky notes, stuff them in your jacket pockets, hide them in your underwear drawer, stick them on your fridge, doors, the inside of cabinets or even inside your fridge! The messages will start to sink into your soul after a few days and the forgotten notes you find in your pockets months later will make you smile!

Here are a few of my favorite affirmations  “Today is a great day to smile” “I am strong and worthy” “I shine brighter than all of the stars in the sky” “My heart is filled with love and sunshine” “I am pure magic” “Today is a great day to reach for the stars” “I can do anything I set my mind to” “I am the ONLY and the GREATEST me”

2.)Write on your mirror: Remind yourself of how gorgeous you are every time you look in the mirror! Take a dry erase pen, or some old lipstick and a small paint brush and write flirty messages onto your mirror “Your smile is perfect” “You are the greatest YOU” and “Cute butt” are three of my personal favorites. Be sure to use something that won’t stain the mirror forever!

3.)Make yourself a delicious meal: Cook yourself something restaurant worthy, spend time making your plate beautiful, take photos of your masterpiece and savor every single bite!

4.)Romance Yourself: This one is my CURRENT favorite…I did this for myself the other night and it was pure bliss. If you are spending a solo night in why not set the mood for YOURSELF? Turn on your favorite tunes, then light every candle you own, and then…TURN OFF THE LIGHTS. Oh yes, all of that candle light and music is JUST FOR YOU. Watch the lights dance on your walls, make a cup of tea (or pour a glass of wine) sway to the music and enjoy the magic of your own company.

5.) Stop reading gossip magazines: This one was HUGE for me…I used to be a sucker for those cheap gossip mags, I used to pick them up from the checkout line at the grocery store just to check out the hot celebrity gossip. My favorite self love guru Gala Darling said in a 2012 interview that giving up celebrity gossip magazines can actually HELP your self-esteem “They are very negative, competitive and judgmental and certainly won’t be doing your spirit or self-esteem any good!” …I didn’t believe it at first but eventually I decided to give it a shot, I gave up my gossip magazine habit and after about a month I noticed I started judging other women less, I got less jealous and my heart seemed a little more open. I felt kinder and my spirit seemed warmer. I love myself and other women so much more now that those magazines have left my life.

Here is the link to the interview: http://lifewithelizabethrose.com/the-importance-of-radical-self-love-gala-darlings-story/

6.) Deep Breaths: We’ve heard this one before…but if it’s done correctly it can really be a game changer.This little quote has helped me through ED recovery AND helps me get through anxiety attacks. “Inhale the positive and exhale the negative” With every deep breath think about one simple thing that you love about yourself, on the exhale try to let go of all of those bad vibes. I always feel better after about 5 of those bad boys.

7.) Treat yourself like your BESTIE! Would you say the things you just said about yourself to your best friend? Would you call your best friend ugly or fat? No you wouldn’t so why would you say those things about yourself. Speak to yourself with kindness and respect. If you think about it we spend 100% of our time with ourselves…so why not treat ourselves like our dearest most wonderful friend?

So there you have it! Those are 7 things that really help me every time I feel those feelings of self-doubt creeping up on me. They are simple, effective AND free! During the story of our lives we will always have moments where we feel less than wonderful. There will be struggles and hardships that will test our strength…we MUST remember, we are not our struggles, we are not defined by our hardships. We are defined by the kindness in our hearts and the love that we spread. We are our own bestie and our own special goddess, we deserve all of the happiness in the world and we shine brighter than the brightest stars. So the next time you’re feeling low, I DARE you to try at least one of my self love tips…I have a strong feeling that they will make you feel like the warrior you are.




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Thanks for reading!



  1. Love this post so much!!! I think self love Sunday will be a beautifully amazing thing. This post resonates so much with me. For a long time I was so unhappy and compared myself to others. It can be so hard in today’s society not to look down on yourself because all we see are the polished final products in magazine and social media. Real life is not as traditionally pretty , but it is still so beautiful! I am now on a path of self love and self acceptance. And I am totally stealing some of these tips from Lily!! Thanks again for such an awesome post!

    Liked by 1 person

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