What if your body were trending?


It seems that lately, the popular talk of the fitness town is trends. We’ve all heard the word before. It’s what’s “in” and what’s “hot”. It’s between what’s popular and what’s not.

Trends have existed since the human mind has had an opinion and society has had a public say so.

Except, in the beginning, a trend was a style of decor in the household or the fabric of a gown for a social gathering. Trends were world wide, but merely a whisper among your closest friends.

Today, a trend is a hashtag. Available to anyone on the world wide web with an available search engine on every social media platform available.

But before I get ahead of myself…the topic of trends is much too broad. So let’s narrow it down, shall we?


Sounds scary doesn’t it? That’s because it is.

I’m going to warn you that I am going to be very blunt and very honest in this blog post. Because I’m not writing for a magazine. So we are going to cut the bullshit and really, actually, TALK about this.

Oh wait…let’s get everyone in on this…



As I have observed in the past few months, several people have touched on sizing, body shape, physical features, and…perfection. OUCH. That word hurts.


What’ I’ve Observed:
Apparently the average American woman is a size 12-16 these days. Hm…interesting.
There is such a thing as “vanity sizing” where stores trick you into thinking you’re smaller than you are. Uh…thanks? I guess…
Over the years, sizes have changed among women’s clothing so that our sizes today are totally different than those of the past. C’mon people, make up your mind.
Oh and apparently plus size is anything size 8 and up. So yippee! I’m not allowed on the runway.

What I Think:
I don’t think we should be focusing on the average size of an American woman, but rather the average health. Because healthy is a different size for everyone. So telling me the size of an average American woman is a size 12-16 tells me…well I just don’t know what that tells me. Nothing, really. Because what does that number even mean?

Vanity sizing: So stores are telling me I should be “smaller” to feel good about myself. HELL NO. Just give me whatever size fits so I can walk out looking damn good! Looking good is the part of shopping that makes a woman truly feel good! Not some stupid number that clearly has no value anyway if people can’t decide on it across the board.

Both the above points bring me to the next one…so you’re telling me a size 12 back then is now a size 4? I think the people of the fashion industry or whom ever they are associated with need to sit down and come to an agreement.

And if plus size is considered an 8 and up, then kiss my plus size ass!

2. Body Shape

What I’ve Observed:
“Real women” have curves.
Skinny girls don’t have “normal” bodies.
Thick women are fat women.
Big hips and a small waist will get you the most liked picture on Instagram.
No booty, means you fail at life.
Thigh gap and bikini bridge equal goals.
You better fit behind that piece of paper damn it!

What I Think:
A real woman is a person born female. Ta-da!
Isn’t every body normal? Haha…awkward.
I’m beginning to not know the difference between all these “fat” “thick” and “curvy” labels…but they all somehow get categorized under “FAT” in the end.
So apparently we must all look like the Kardasians…but my last name is Skaines.
A booty is a booty is a booty. Big or small! We all shit out of the same hole.
Cassey said the more my thighs touch the closer I am to being a mermaid…I really want to be a mermaid. And as for a bikini bridge, I won’t need it when I’m a mermaid because we don’t walk on land. I’ll just swim right under that damn bridge!
Since when did office supplies become beauty standards? Next it will be a stapler or a paper clip. Geez.

3. Physical Features

…oops. Kinda covered that under body shape. Next!

4. Perfection.

What I’ve Observed:
Perfection is a million different things to everyone. I don’t feel like writing that much.

What I Think:
There is no such thing.

To conclude…and I’ll keep it simple, I promise.


Oh I’m sorry, was I supposed to be taking this topic seriously?

Why should I? By the time I do what I have to do to get my body to look like today’s trend, tomorrow’s trend will have already started! AND it will most likely be the total opposite of what I just worked for. The turn around time is enough to make anyone dizzy.

Bottom line ladies and gents, trends come and trends go. And who do you even think makes these trends?


That’s right. You. Me. Her. Him. Them. Us. We.

Every single person in this world has the power to start a a trend and every single person in this world has the power to decide which ones to follow.

So the next time someone tells you that you’re supposed to be skinny or curvy or tall or short or blonde or brunette or bootylicious, ask yourself this…


What if your body were the one with all the right features that every woman in the world wanted?

Because it could be.

It starts with you.

Love your body and the world will have no choice but to love it too.

Because there are some trends that never go out of style…

Self Love, Smiles, & Confidence.

And they are CONTAGIOUS!

Let’s start a new trend. One that will stand the test of time. Let’s trend #selfacceptance!

All it takes is you.

You decide.

Close the book on bullshit and write a new one on the unique and intriguing women of the world.

Every body deserves to be trending because every body is beautiful in its own special way! There is no need to all look alike. There is no need for our bodies to be held to the same standard.

You look like you and I’ll look like me, and together we will be #trending. As the women who finally decided that loving themselves was more important than any other beauty standard.

Ladies of the world, I invite you to #trendyourself.

Until next time…



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