Meeting Cassey Ho: The Final Chapter

“We’re friends now.”

-Cassey Ho

     After our photo shoot, it was back in the make-up chair for the make-up artists to work their magic again and transform us into our “workout look”. I changed into my other top for the workout to add a little variety. After all it was my chance to wear several options of the POPflex Mermaid Collection so I wanted to show every piece off in the footage!! Our glam squad gave us up-do’s for the workout portion of our day so our hair wasn’t all over our face as we sweat our little booty’s off!!

     And sweaty was exactly what we had in store…

     Cassey told us we would be doing PIIT for our workout. The program had come out a few weeks prior and I had not done it yet so I was very nervous. The other girls had each done it. Actually, that is how Brynn found Blogilates. She heard about PIIT through Cassey’s snapchat and before ever doing POP Pilates, she went straight into PIIT. What a seriously brave soul. We were in for one insane workout!

     We rehearsed the moves and Cassey walked us through what to expect from the camera and what not. That was the most nerve-wracking part was we were going to be filmed working out!! Something I’m sure none of us had experienced before! All I could worry about was messing up and getting too tired to continue. Cassey reassured us that she didn’t expect or want perfection. She wanted us to be as real as we are working out at home!

     It was happening..I was about to be on camera filming a workout with Cassey Ho. It would be on YouTube for the world to see. I was going to be a part of what had been my life for the past 3 years…I could go home and workout with myself after this. It was all so strange. I was nervous, excited, and all in all, very very pumped up!! 3…2…1…GO!

     7 moves. 45 seconds on. 15 seconds off. Legs burning. Heart pounding. Inhale. Exhale.

     It felt like a marathon…we had only done the first move and already, I was out of breath. I was smiling so hard even my face was getting a workout. When it got hard, I told myself…”Cassey is watching. Don’t give up. You can do this. Cassey is watching. Show her how strong you are.” She was my motivation. I wanted to prove it to her and to myself that I am stronger than any doubts in my mind. I powered through it. Through the pain. Through the burn. Through the waterfall of sweat I was experiencing.

     But through it all I couldn’t stop smiling. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I was over joyed to be sweating in the same room as Cassey and alongside two amazing POPsters whom I’m sure were feeling the same emotions. What an absolute dream it was. It would definitely be the most memorable workout of my entire life.

     When we got to our final move, I was exhausted. PIIT was no joke and it was kicking my ass. Every inch of my body was on fire. I hated it and loved it all at the same time. With every squat I had to push myself harder than ever before. I wasn’t stopping. I could make it. I could do this.

     BOOM! Finished. Sweat was dripping down every limb and curve. I felt AWESOME. My booty had never felt so tight and my thighs so strong. I felt so powerful and accomplished!!

     After the workout it was time for FOOD. We ordered fresh salads and took them up to the office to eat. That was my favorite part of the day. Having the opportunity to sit down with Cassey and simply talk.

     To get to know the Cassey off of a computer screen is such a magical experience. She really is so genuine. She is everything you’d expect her to be, sweet, kind, sincere, smart, passionate, funny, goofy, positive, radiant…I could go on and on! She is such a gem! I’ll cherish our lunch conversation forever. I got to know the girls and Cassey and we just bonded. It was so special. We became real friends.

     For dessert, Cassey took us out for froyo! Not just any froyo though, greek yogurt froyo…aka, the best stuff you will ever have in your life!! Sam came with us too! He’s such a sweetie. Hanging out with both him and Cassey is so much fun! They told us we should take a walk down Rodeo Drive to get a taste of the Hollywood LA vibes. It was so much fun! I felt like I was in Clueless with my squad. Us walking around in our POPflex and BodyPOP from Blogilates Designs, looking like total fitness divas. It was great. Afterwards, we all crashed at the hotel for a quick nap before dinner.

     For dinner, Cassey was taking us to a vegan restaurant called Gracias Madre. The rest of the Blogifam was joining us too! I was so excited to meet Lexi and Leslie! I wish Stephanie could have been there too! That’s my next dream is to meet the one and only xogingy!!

     Lexi picked us up from the hotel and we headed out to dinner. It was so fun getting dressed up! I can’t remember the last time I got dressed up and went out with friends! Lexi is an absolute angel! She is so sweet and down to earth and such a goddess. This girl has got the prettiest hair. She is totally model status. And Leslie is so fierce! She’s like the badass of the Blogifam (hope she doesn’t mind me saying). I love them both. I love the variety of personalities in the team. They are all so awesome in their own ways. They make up such a great kind of family.

     The restaurant was so delicious! We ordered so much food. If you think POPsters are like little fitness princesses with no appetite, you are sorely mistaken. We can EAT. Sitting around the table together getting to know one another was just such a great experience. I got to talk a lot with Leslie and Lexi which was super fun. They told me how they found Cassey and became part of the Blogifam. We talked about school and life. It felt so natural being there with all of them. I was starting to feel like I lived there! Like this was my real life!

     It was all coming to an end, but strangely enough…the last day of vacation feeling I thought I would have wasn’t there. Instead, I felt oddly okay that we would soon say goodbye. I felt calm and comfortable about it because it didn’t feel like goodbye. I had this strange feeling that this wouldn’t be the last time. We would all see eachother again and this was just the beginning of an amazing friendship…

     After blinding the people outside the restaraunt with the camera flashes from our last little chance at a photoshoot, the hugs were exchanged and goodbye’s spoken.

     Hugging Cassey one last time, I asked her if I could add her on Facebook…something I had been wanting for a very long time but felt like I should meet her first, not even knowing if that day would ever come. She had popped up in my suggested friends list more than a time or two but something told me to wait…and the wait was worth it. After I timidly asked her, and she giggled and gave me the go ahead, she said with the most genuine smile…”We’re friends now.”

     I could have cried the moment she finished her sentence. It may seem like such a small and silly request to be her friend on social media…but being her friend in real life…it had been all I ever wanted.

     Cassey Ho means more to me than 80% of all the people I’ve met in my entire life. Finding her three years ago on YouTube changed my entire world. She has a way of making a connection with you through that computer screen. She can find her way into your heart so easily because she is all the good things in life. She truly cares about what she does and she loves each and every one of her POPsters.

     I truly hope that each and every POPster has the opportunity to meet Cassey one day! I want each of you to feel the magic I felt when I was around her. I am so thankful for the entire experience. Thank you Cassey, AT&T, and New Generasian for selecting me and giving me the best weekend of a lifetime! Thank you for treating me like a POPster Princess!!

     To Brynn and Connie, I love you girls so much! I am so blessed to have met you both. To Sam, Leslie, and Lexi, I am so happy we got to meet! You are all so much fun. To our hair and make-up artists, thank you for making us sparkle! And to Cassey…I love you so much 🙂 Thank you for being my friend.

     AND to my readers…thank you for reading. This blog is like my diary and I love getting personal and sharing my life with you all. Continue to spread your love and positivity each and every day! Be transparent and honest with the world about your fitness journey. We are all looking for fitspiration. We are all looking to relate. I encourage you to start a blog if you haven’t already! You’ll be suprised how many people will read what you say and care. Let your voice be heard!

Much love,



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