Smile. Silly. Vogue.

“Okay smile. Now silly. Now Vogue.”
-Cassey Ho

     Sandwiched between Connie and Brynn, I walked through the door. My blood was rushing through me like a roller coaster and my dimples were already becoming permanent on my face because I could not stop smiling. All I could think to myself was the same three words over and over…What is life? What is life?? What is life???

     Then it happened…Sam pulled back the curtain to reveal a large room with a small sitting area and sitting right there in a cozy little armchair was Cassey. My face instantly lit up when I saw her! So much smiling you guys, so much smiling. She was absolutely adorable in person! Absolutely perfect! So pretty and petite like a Barbie, but so real!! Hugging her for the first time, I felt like I was hugging my sister. After so many years of watching her on my computer screen, I couldn’t believe she was standing right in front of me! It was the happiest I had ever felt!

     She was wearing the cutest outfit! A flattering black tank top with the cutest little water color booty shorts! I complimented her on how cute the shorts were. Everything about her was just so fabulous! Her hair was down and straight, and her make up was such a natural glam look. The way she walked around in her little tennis shoes was like walking around at home barefoot, so natural like she lived in them, because well…she does! Haha!

     I couldn’t stop admiring her. She was everything I imagined her to be!

     She took us around the studio and showed us all the familiar places. We got to see the clean eats kitchen, the workout studio, the living room, the make-up room, it was all so fabulous! Just like the upstairs headquarters, it was all so spacious and bright! It felt like home to me. I could have spent days upon days there and never gotten bored. It was a total POP Pilates paradise!

     Next on the agenda was our make-overs! It was time to take these small town girls and turn them into Hollywood fitness stars! Of course we had all worn pieces of the Bodypop and POPflex collection to the studio because we wanted to be as POP fabulous as possible! BUT…Cassey had something else in mind to complete our new look. I think each of us almost fainted when she took us into the make-up room and told us we’d be wearing the new Summer POPflex collection!!!

     She told us she personally selected the items on the rack for each of us based off what she had seen us wear in our pictures on Instagram! She really did her research too!! For me she had selected black shorts, black leggings, a blue top, and the mermaid water color sports bra! They were absolutely perfect! I got extra excited too because the colors in the mermaid print would compliment my pale skin and blue eyes. I was so excited to transform into a glamorous Hollywood mermaid!!

     I decided on the sports bra and leggings for the photo shoot. I was absolutely terrified with self consciousness wearing the sports bra, but that’s why I did it. I didn’t want to play it safe! This was a once in a lifetime kind of opportunity and I wanted to live it up! I wanted to make a statement with my photos that no matter what your body type, own it! Live it up! Rock what you got in whatever you want! I wanted to shine with self confidence, not only for myself, but for everyone who would see the pictures!

     Brynn and Connie got their make-up done first, so while I waited, I hung out with Cassey. (WHAAT??? sound so weird to say) That was probably the most surreal moment of the morning…we were all just hanging out, getting our make-up and hair done together like life long friends. Cassey and I were discussing our opinion on Grease Live and talking about my job at Disney. We were all sharing our stories on how we found Blogilates, talking about our favorite workouts and foods. It was the most comfortable I had ever felt with a group of friends. Those are the moments I will really take away from the entire experience. The real life moments, the friendship, the bond we were creating.

     The make-up artists were so great to hang out with too. They had so many stories to share about movies and projects they had done make-up for. AND they made us look so beautiful! I remember thinking to myself, aw the make-up won’t be all that exciting because I mean, I’ve done photo shoots before and I do my make-up every day. Nothing new, I’m sure. BOY was I wrong!! When they finished my hair and make-up, I turned to look in the mirror and was absolutely blown away! There was something so different, so magical…something special in the way I looked this time. They did an amazing job and I couldn’t wait to get out there and rock my shoot!

     We all took individual sessions and then as a group! Those were my favorite. The entire time, Cassey had this cute thing she did where she’d tell us, “Okay smile. Now silly. Now Vogue.” and Sam would take a picture of each. It was her favorite thing! She made the whole experience so much fun! She really knows how to work in front of a camera! She is such a natural. But my absolute favorite picture was when Cassey and I made a heart with our arms. I remember holding her hand and just feeling so overwhelmed with happiness. If you’re a POPster reading this post…you’ll relate on how much Cassey means to us. It’s indescribable. She’s changed so many lives and touched so many hearts with her pure love and positivity. Being around her is just such an incredible blessing that I had no intention of taking advantage of. Every detail of this trip was going into memory. I was determined to enjoy and make the most of every second!

     The pictures turned out great. They exceeded our expectations! Brynn, Connie, and I even did a triple plank stack for the first time! There was so much love in that studio. We were having so much fun together and the day had only just begun…


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