The Day I Met Cassey Ho: Part Two

“In just a short walk down a flight of stairs was the woman responsible for changing my life…Would I smile? Cry? Fan girl? Faint?”


     Sam led the way up the stairs to take us on our tour of Blogilates Headquarters. I’m sure to anyone observing we looked like three excited baby ducklings following along after our mother. We were so full of anticipation! Not only for the tour, but for everything!

     The crazier thought running through my head was that Cassey Ho was in such close proximity to us! It’s like I could totally feel Cassey vibes bouncing off the walls! Even though they were her walls for her vibes to be bouncing haha. But you know that feeling when you know someone you love is close by? Am I the only one who has ever experienced it? I was way too excited for my own sanity! It still felt like I was dreaming.

     At the top of the stairwell, Sam finally opened up the door to the headquarters, the door to Cassey’s world…and OH. MY. GOSH. was it magical?!?! We stepped inside the front lobby with the pink Blogilates sign and the table below it which displayed many of Cassey’s honors and awards. Underneath a big bright window was a multi-color plush couch with her cute little YouTube pillow sitting right in the middle of it. The wall displayed her many magazine covers and features in which each and every one she looked absolutely stunning!

     I recognized it all. It was all so familiar and yet so new and so fresh. Being there in person was just so much more of an experience than seeing it in pictures. Especially when we turned around and found ourselves staring into our reflections in the oh so famous GIANT selfie mirror!! We spent a good amount of time in front of it taking pictures together and individually! Sam just giggled at us.

     And THAT was just the lobby…

     He took us further inside to the office portion of the headquarters. It was one very large room with cute little desks with their own work space lining the outer edges of the room. There was fashionable living room like area for lounging and even a table to sit and eat. It was so open and friendly! Everyone’s desks were so brightly decorated and the whole room just burst with positive vibes!

     Separating the general room from two other rooms were beautiful sleek glass walls. Sam told us that one room was the Blogilates Designs showroom and the other was…Cassey’s office. The moment he finished his sentence our eyes must have lit up with anxious curiosity, wondering if we were allowed in because Sam smiled, paused for a moment and asked if we wanted to go in. We all nearly burst with giggles and immediately said yes!!!

     Walking into Cassey’s office was a whole other atmosphere…still all the positive vibes, bright colors, and excitement but it also felt like we had just walked into her brain or something. I felt like I was reading her diary because it felt so personal but also felt like, whoah this is Cassey Ho’s office, will we get in trouble for being in here without her? Haha! It was such a special feeling. So warm and welcoming, but also mysterious. I felt like I was getting to know her better already! It was kind of a magical space.

     After taking many more pictures, like EVERYWHERE, haha…Sam told us it was time to head downstairs. Downstairs…to meet Cassey.

     My heart was beating, pulse racing, cheeks getting sore from smiling. I couldn’t believe it was about to happen.

    In just a short walk down a flight of stairs was the woman responsible for changing my life…Would I smile? Cry? Fan girl? Faint? Would I be able to contain myself or just absolutely lose it? I had no idea…but down we went, stair by stair, until we found ourselves once again face to face with the blue wall.


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