The Day I Met Cassey Ho: Part One

“That’s the wall Cassey takes all those Instagram photos in front of!”
-Connie, Brynn, & Me

     Waking up the next day felt like a scene from a movie. You know the classic shot of a bride waking up on the day of her wedding and realizing what day it is? She smiles and says to herself…”I’m getting married today”. That was me, only I wasn’t getting married, obviously. I was instead meeting the wonderful person behind the life changing events that occured for me over the past three years. The person who I woke up to work out with every day. The person who created the incredible community of amazing strangers I now called friends. “I’m meeting Cassey Ho today…” I thought to myself, and I lept up out of bed to get ready!

     When Connie, Brynn, and I got in our car to take us to POP Studios I swear you could have seen the butterflies fly right out of our stomachs and out the window into the Los Angeles morning air. We were absolutely ecstatic and didn’t know what to expect! I remember how we speculated the entire night before and the entire morning about what we’d be doing and what POP Studios would be like. I felt like such a fan girl. I remember imagining what it would be like to pull up to the studios. I imagined Blogilates in big letters and a bright pink and blue entrance! I imagined opening the door to a huge welcoming from Cassey and the Blogifam!

     That’s how I imagined it…but that’s not how it went. It was even better than I imagined!

     I kept an antsy eye on the drivers GPS as the minutes to arrival dropped lower and lower…we turned down the final road where the address was located and I excitedly began looking around for what might be the building! But to my surprise I couldn’t see much of anything that would resemble what I thought the building would look like. We got closer and closer and I got more and more confused and slightly concerned. Did the driver have the right address? Did he know where he was going? What if we were lost?

     When the driver finally stopped, I think Connie and Brynn were just as confused as I was. We got out, looked around, then looked at each other. It looked like we were in the middle of nowhere! We kind of giggled and looked around some more. “What do we do?” we asked each other. That’s when finally one of us recognized the wall (of all things, right? haha). “That’s the wall Cassey takes all those Instagram photos in front of!” we exclaimed, and we felt much better. Haha! But we still weren’t sure on where to go. There was a glass door, but you couldn’t really see anything inside.

     Finally we just got gutsy, and decided to try the door. I reached for the handle, pulled it open and then out of nowhere popped out a man! I screamed hahaha. Don’t worry, it was Sam. He’s the photographer for Blogilates. No this isn’t some kind of a horror movie moment. Although if it had been dark outside it may have felt like it!

     He apologized for scaring the pee out of us and then told us that Cassey wasn’t quite ready for us so before we went in he would take us on a tour of the upstairs, the officially Blogilates Headquarters. Gasp! Ahhh! So cool. I couldn’t believe my life at this point. I remember when Cassey first announced building Blogilates Headquarters and how pretty it looked from her pictures! It was such a fun mystery of a place that I had only imagined and dreamed about in my head. Now I was about to actually see what it looked like in real life!

The day was just starting, but I was already to the moon with excitement.



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