Dream. Believe. Achieve.

“I hopped off the plane at LAX with a dream and my cardigan.”

-Miley Cyrus

     After packing an entire suitcase of nothing but workout clothes from Blogilates Designs and stocking up on every flavor of Quest Bars from the local gas station, I was on my way to the airport. The snapchat story had begun and I actually don’t really know who was more excited, me or my boyfriend who was driving me. The entire experience of winning and now actually being on my way was so unreal. In just a few hours I would be stepping off an airplane into the Los Angeles airport and I was still trying to decide if it was real life or not.

     I remember walking through the Orlando airport with a purpose, feeling like I was something special and the people around me didn’t even know! I wanted to dance or scream or shout and share my excitement with the world! Then I remembered I was not on an episode of Glee and I should probably simmer down on my inner Rachel Berry.

     Waiting to board the plane was antsy torture, waiting to take off involved even more anticipation, and the unexpected 5 hours it took to fly there was well…generally relaxing once I discovered the movies and games on the screen in front of me.

     After two movies and several rounds of Solitare, the Captain’s voice came on over the intercom informing us we were nearly there! Out of nervousness and excitement I turned on my iPod and stuck my headphones in. I’m the kind of person who themes my iPod playlist to the trip I’m taking so I can get all pumped up on the way there. I looked out the window and not too far below us appeared the lights of Los Angeles. It was absolutely breath-taking! Looking over a new city always makes my mind wander imagining the life going on below me.

     As soon as I landed I texted Connie and Brynn to let them know! I couldn’t wait to meet them! They had arrived just a few hours prior and I hoped they had picked out a good restaurant because I was absolutely starving! I hopped in my first ever Uber and I was on my way! My driver was all dressed up in suit and tie driving a super nice BMW. I already felt so Hollywood having a driver and making our way to the Beverly Hills hotel where I would be staying. The city lights were just as amazing as we drove through them, and soon enough we had arrived.

     The celebrity feelings didn’t stop as I got out of the car at the hotel. The valet opened my door and a number of hotel service men welcomed me to the Sofitel and took my bags inside for me. As I walked up to the reception desk a nice lady smiled and greeted me. She handed me my room key and a pink bag with fluffy tissue paper peeking out the top, compliment of Cassey Ho she said. I could have giggled myself into a fit right there, I was so flattered.

     I made my way to the elevator to make my way up to my room and to my surprise, when it opened, there stood Connie and Brynn! We excitedly exchanged hugs and smiles and then they went up with me to my room. The room was absolutely gorgeous! Like nothing I had ever stayed in before! The bed was so white it looked like a cloud and the shower was a water fall! I was absolutely star struck with my experience so far. I opened the gift from Cassey and inside was a bunch of yummy snacks and a card! She totally knows how to please me, with FOOD!! Hahaha!

     I quickly changed and we made our way to the car. Brynn, bless her little heart, was our chauffeur for the night because she lived only two hours away and had driven there. We had dinner at a cute little place called Urth Cafe. OMG the food was amazing. So healthy and SO what I needed after an entire day of traveling and living off of snacks! Then we went to see the lights at Los Angeles County Museum of Art. It was breath-taking! Such a beautiful place and a great location for a mini photo shoot, which is exactly what we ended up doing!

     Before we called it a night, probably the most exciting thing was watching Cassey’s Snap Story because she totally snapped about how excited she was that we had arrived and that she got to meet us the next day!! I think Connie and Brynn would agree that the entire night felt like a dream! We couldn’t wait for tomorrow 🙂

     Even though we totally wanted to spend the entire night talking and getting to know each other, it had gotten late and we knew we’d need our beauty sleep for the next day! After all, we had a photo shoot and a workout to get through! It was totally crazy thought because I was up until about 3am LA time so that means I was up until 6am my time! Ahh!

     SO after taking what was probably the best shower of my life underneath the waterfall, I wrapped myself up in a robe, cuddled into my cloud bed, did my usual social media check before bed, and then off I slept…

     I knew tomorrow was going to be the most anticipated and best day of my entire life as a POPster.



  1. I’m sooooo jealous of you! The grand prize for this contest must have been like a fairy tale where you got to meet your fellow princesses and unite with your fairy godmother Cassey Ho! Hehe, anyways, I think this special treatment was so lovely of Cassey to provide for you, a loyal fan and friend 🙂

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