POPster Princess Contest

“I want to hug, smile, laugh, sweat, (probably cry haha) and just fully experience, in person, the wonderful woman responsible for changing so many of our lives.”


It was one of those bad days…a million things on my mind, tears in my eyes, my stress at a very unhealthy level, and I just felt like giving up. I couldn’t bring myself to believe I had anything good in my life at that moment or anything to look forward to. I was beyond discouraged and on my way to feeling utterly hopeless.

Then it happened…

I heard my phone do a little ding like it does when I get a text message so I picked it up and looked…but it wasn’t a text. It was an instagram message. It was an instagram message from Cassey!

I quickly unlocked my phone and opened the message. My eyes grew wide and a smile of disbelief broke out across my face. I read it about three times over before actually processing what it said. All of a sudden, my stress went away. My problems didn’t exist. My mind was on one thing and one thing only…I was going to meet Cassey.

“Congrats Abbie! You have been selected as a winner of the POPster Princess Contest…”

I can’t tell you how much I needed this. How excited I was when I found out! How much my life has changed because of it. My entire world feels a little bit brighter!

For anyone who didn’t get to read my contest entry, here it is:

“Hello to all the POPster Princesses! Doesn’t this make you feel like we are all part of a special sorority or something?? That’s because we ARE! We all are part of something so so special! The POP community is the place where I found peace and happiness with myself and my life! I was so miserable and weak before I began my life with Blogilates, both physically and mentally. I was an enemy to myself. Three years later and I could have never imagined to be where or who I am today. My dedication in this community is not something you can see by simply looking at my body. Because honestly, not much has changed! At least not to the naked eye. I haven’t dropped tons of pounds or gained a six pack like I imagined for myself in the beginning. But if you could get inside my head and read the book behind my smile, you’d find out just how much has changed. The important things have changed. I have love for myself, I have a positive outlook on life, I have courage to pursue any dream, I have strength, I have confidence, I have friends all over the world, I have direction in my life. And all these things, I have because of Blogilates. Because I dedicated myself to a better life. A healthy life. Finding that first video on YOUTUBE 3 years ago is what brought me to living a life I sincerely love. Everything has changed. Cassey Ho and what she has created has quite literally changed my life and it’s an absolute dream that I will soon be a part of her magical world and help change the lives of others in return as an instructor. This is why I want to go to LA to meet Cassey. Because I want to hug, smile, laugh, sweat, (probably cry haha) and just fully experience, in person, the wonderful woman responsible for changing so many of our lives. It would mean years of my life to me. I love you so much Cassey Ho! Thank you for changing our lives and changing the world one smile and plie squat at a time! I really really really hope to see you in LA!”

Reading what I wrote now, afterwards…I’m humbled and overwhelmed. That they chose me, someone who has never won a contest in my entire life, someone who looks so seemingly average, someone no more special than the rest…it’s a dream.

Thank you AT&T and Cassey.

You made my dreams come true.



Now who’s ready to hear about all the adventures in LA?? Stay tuned!!



  1. Ahhhhh I’m so happy for you–CONGRATULATIONS! I’ve met Cassey twice so far and she is the sweetest and most genuine person in the world. I am so grateful for every opportunity I get to see her! Anyways, I hope that you had an amaaaaaazing time in Los Angeles and I cannot wait to read the recaps!

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