“The only plan I had was to believe in myself.”

-Cassey Ho

Last year was a breakthrough for me. I quit doing what everyone else wanted me to do and began doing what I wanted to do. Maybe you’ve heard the story before, but I am going to tell it again, and probably keep on telling it for the rest of my life because I feel like it is where my life truly began.

It all started with a choice. I chose to stop pursuing a degree and start pursuing my dreams. I have never been one to sit around waiting for things to happen or do things simply because it’s what’s done. I am a very determined person who has lots of self ambition, and when I found myself unhappy with what I was doing with my life, I changed direction.

Since January, my life has been a leap of faith and a one step at a time process. I would love to tell you I had a plan, but I didn’t. I simply felt my way through it all on in-the-moment decisions. I did what I thought was best at the time, and it just so happened to work out in my favor. I think it’s because my heart already knew the answers to all the questions in my mind before they were even asked. I already knew what I wanted.

But when I made that first choice, to leave school, that was the one question on everyone’s mind…what is your plan? And just as Cassey said, my answer was so…”The only plan I had was to believe in myself.” because that is the only plan I found necessary to have.

After leaving school, a feeling of relief came over me and I thought to myself…the world is yours, now you can do anything.

And what a year it turned out to be.

SO much has changed for me since January. Plans, jobs, locations, and even dreams. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to become an actress. I spent years involved in theatre and any acting gig I could manage while going to school. I loved doing it. I loved the job itself, but I also craved the fame and fortune. I guess it’s only natural to find those two things appealing. For a while, I felt shallow for wanting those things, but I eventually analyzed why I wanted those things and really asked myself. It wasn’t for the assurance from others, I had enough self assurance that I was good at what I did. It wasn’t materialistic, I just wanted to be financially secure. But what I really found appealing was the concept of being a role model. I was always inspired by other actors and I wanted to do the same for others.

However, on my road to becoming the actress I had always dreamed of, I kept running into one major road block, negativity. The world of acting consists of so much negativity and it was toxic to be around. There was no sense of true friendship or support. Everyone is out to get one another and be the best, better than all the rest. I loved the job, but the environment surrounding the job was in no way fulfilling.

So I left. I packed up my confidence and ambition and went back home.

Being home, the biggest advantage I had was time. I had a part time job to pay the bills, and the rest of my time was spent doing whatever I wanted. Originally, I had planned to spend my spare time researching the acting industry and looking for audition opportunities, but I kept getting distracted by something that brought me so much more joy; fitness. That’s when I really dedicated myself to POP Pilates.

I started working out every day and eating clean. I began blogging, vlogging, posting religiously to instagram, becoming absolutely enthralled with the world of Blogilates. I couldn’t help myself! I was addicted to the positive energy that POP brought to my life. And soon enough, I lost interest in pursuing an acting career.

That was really a struggle for me, watching myself slowly neglecting what had been a life long dream of mine. There were times I wondered if I was doing the right thing by letting it go. I told myself it was just for the time being, but the more I got involved with Blogilates the more content I became with the possibility of a permanent change.

Last year was devoted entirely to myself and doing what I wanted to do. As of New Year’s Eve, I looked back on the year and couldn’t have been happier with how it played out. I became such a stronger and happier version of myself, and it felt good. I loved being a part of something so positive and powerful as Blogilates. I grew a passion for fitness which I never, in a million years, would have ever thought was possible for myself. I thoroughly enjoyed spending so much time on me. I have become so in touch with what I want and need, and truly understand what makes me, me! And best of all, I have learned to embrace it.

The three ingredients I can give credit to for these positive changes are:

  1. Peace of mind.
  2. Love of self.
  3. POP Pilates.

My life has changed because of these three things and I want to change others lives by promoting and teaching them the same.

This year, I want to give more to others. I want to be that role model I always dreamed of. Through what I do, I want to strengthen and inspire those around me.

Let life take you where it wants you to go, because more than likely, it has a better plan for you than you could have ever had for yourself. You may not see it, or expect it, but your wildest dreams can come true, even some you never expected. The only plan you need is a plan to be positive and confident. You need only to believe in yourself. That in and of itself is the most thorough plan anyone can have!

I look forward to the new year and can’t wait to see where it will take me! And where it will take you!

Peach, Love, & POP!


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