“Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree.”

-Emily Bronte

     Part of me wishes I were back in Georgia for Fall. I’m going to miss being home with all the familiar smells and sights. It is an absolutely wonderful place to be this time of year! There are so many trees changing colors and so much time spent with family. I’m going to miss eating meals at my sister’s house with the kids and the view from the top of Stone Mountain. BUT…it is bitter sweet because…

     Fall has come to Magic Kingdom and I could not be more excited! The decorations have gone up, the Halloween festivities have started, and I have made a new family of toys who I am plenty excited to share the season with! Last year when I left in August I could only live Fall at Disney through my friends pictures and I was absolutely dying to be a part of it! Fall feels a little more sparkly and a little more magical here. Because although the season isn’t obvious in the weather or your surroundings in Florida, Disney has a way of bringing it to life!

     There are Mickey Mouse pumpkin lanterns hanging on every post, and bails of hay welcoming you into the park! Everyone is walking around with pumpkin spice lattes and warm smiles on their faces! In the shops they are selling Halloween merchandise and Haunted Mansion is becoming the go-to attraction. Even the weather has perked up a little and you can feel it in the air! Fall is here!

     I cannot wait to experience the magic of the holidays here at Walt Disney World!


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